In approach to the modern lifestyle, R&M established the Crystal Rainbow Series. The transparent crystal watch case accomplishes with a series of colorful corundum setting within the bezel, presents an exquisite design and yet with joy and fun.

EUR € 1090
RMB ¥8720

Sapphire, with a Mohs rating of 9.0, right behind to diamond

Three-times as stiff as the mineral glass

The exceptional hardness allows the sapphire glass to resist scratches.

Its anti-stained ability and perfect transparency provide you with a clear reading on all occasions.

Fully hollow process

Through the crystal case, peek into its charming interior.

Mechanical gears and decorative roulette are perfectly integrated in this exquisite craftsmanship.

Highly resistance to heat and corrosion

Ultra-Cleanliness Fluoride Rubber Strap

Not only much more solid and more durable with superb-comfort, but also harmless to skin with use.

Technical Specifications

    Case Material:Krone 9 Crystal

    Bezel:316L Stainless Steel

    Gems:54 coloured corundum

    Mirror:Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal

    Movement:Automatic Mechanical Movement

    Strap Material:Fluorine rubber strap

    Folding Clasp:316L Stainless Steel

    Dial:Transparent dial design,direct view watch movement

    Case Outer Diameter:43MM

    Water Resistance:3ATM